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Patriarchy Hurts Men Too
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This community is for the discussion of how patriarchy, gender roles, etc., affect men. It is not intended as an anti-feminist community (and hateful posts will not be tolerated); rather, it is an outlet for particular sorts of discussion that tend to be disruptive in more generalized feminist forums.

Rules. These are the basic requirements for participating in this community. Disregard them at your peril.

Deletion. As a general rule, do not delete comments or posts. Deleting a post or comment to correct spelling, grammar, markup, etc. may be acceptable if the comment has not been replied to and is immediately deleted and reposted.

Disruptive behavior. Any behavior that is intended to disrupt or has the effect of disrupting discussion in this group or any other forum is prohibited.

Linking. Do not use "blind links"; the reader should know where a link goes by reading the post. Do not link to personal journals or sites without permission.

LJ-cut. Large images, long amounts of text, and material that is triggering or not "worksafe" should be placed behind an LJ-cut. Do not use "fake cuts" (markup made to look like an lj-cut that links to something other than the comments page). LJ-cuts that lead to non-worksafe or triggering material should be labelled accordingly.

Moderation. Questions about moderation should be directed to the moderator(s) via email so as not to unduly disrupt discussion.

Non-discursive posts. Comments should be enabled on all posts. Posts of material where discussion via comments is discouraged (e.g., announcements of new communities, requests for responses via email only) are prohibited. Results of memes, quizzes, surveys, etc. should include some sort of analysis or discussion.

Personal attacks. Insulting, attacking, or harassing behavior will not be tolerated. Engage the idea, not the person.

Phobic language. Do not use language that is racist, misogynist, misandrist, homophobic/biphobic/transphobic/queerphobic, classist, ablist, or discriminatory on the basis of religion or other group identification. This does not mean that such groups cannot be criticized.

Redundant posts. Do not post material that has already been posted recently. Do not create a new post when a comment in the community would suffice (but see the guideline on topic.)

Triggering. Material that is likely potential to traumatize some readers (e.g., depictions of rape or abuse) should be placed behind an lj-cut with a suitable warning. When in doubt, put it behind a cut.

Usernames. Please don't use multiple usernames or "sock puppets" on this community.

Worksafe. Anything that appears on the main page of the community (i.e., icons and posts) should be "worksafe." Material that is not worksafe includes but is not limited to profanity, sexually explicit material, and explicitly violent material. When in doubt, put it behind a cut.

Guidelines. These are the moderator's suggestions for maintaining effective discussion in this community. They're not as set-in-stone as the rules, but people who show a blatant disregard for them and the principles behind them are not going to be very welcome.

Centrism. Please don't assume everyone in the community is the same gender, is from the same city or country, supports the same political views, etc. That's not to say you can't post about issues specific to a group; just avoid the implication that that group is the only one that matters. Use a disclaimer if necessary.

Commenting. If the post contains a link to an article, essay, etc., be sure to read the actual source material before responding to get a better sense of the context.

Demonization. People who disagree with you can still mean well. Don't characterize groups as evil.

Interrogation. Please remember that other members are not required to respond to your comments, answer your questions, or justify their positions to you. If you're asking everyone else what their opinion is, it's generally courteous to offer your own.

Quoting. Don't quote entire articles if linking to them will suffice.

Tags. The tag function allows people to select only those subtopics of interest to them; its use is encouraged. The moderator reserves the right to add, change or delete tags on any post. Adding, changing or deleting tags is not a sign of endorsement of a post by the moderator.

Topic. Please try to limit the amount of off-topic material posted here. Some degree of topic drift inevitable, but radical changes tend to be disruptive. If you're planning on going off on a tangent, it may be better to make a new post than to "hijack" the old one. On the other hand, please don't make a new post just to complain about an old one.

Worksafe. If a post is worksafe, please try to avoid including material that is not worksafe in the comments unless absolutely necessary.

Moderator Response. Breaking a rule stated above may result in one or more of the following, depending on the severity of the rule broken: (1) a warning from the moderator; (2) deletion of a post; (3) revocation of posting privileges; (4) a ban from the community. Repeatedly exhibiting disregard for guidelines may result in a user being warned, having posting privileges revoked, or banned.

The community is currently moderated by jfpbookworm. He can be reached at jeffpack@gmail.com.