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taran_rallings in phmt

Its a rage.

Cut for harrasment and hurting people who deserve it triggers.

Fuck you to stupid teenage jerkoffs driving in their mother's car. You have no right to harrass my girlfriend. Us walking down the street does not grant you the right to honk, yell, or swear at her. Waving and telling her you love her will not endear you to her. Calling her "a stupid fucking bitch" when she flips you off will not endear you to her. You have no right, and you have no excuse. So fuck you.

Fuck you to Canadian culture and law. Fuck you for telling me that I am not a man if I can't protect my girlfriends honor. Fuck you for denying me the right to hurt those who threaten us, all while telling me I should anyway.

Fuck me. Fuck me for just standing there in disbeleif. Fuck me for not running over to the car and knocking that dumb shit out. Fuck me for not giving him exactly what he deserves. Fuck me for being scared of the consequences. Fuck me for not being big enough yet to ward off such harrasment with my presence. Fuck me for not being strong enough. Fuck me for not being MAN enough.

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