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tekanji in phmt

Shaving is manly!

Have any of you seen this yet: Philips Bodygroom? It's a flash advertisement for an electric razor.

It's... special. Not only does it play on the whole cavemen mentality (it's about being a MANLY MAN!!!1), but it also introduces something that women have been familiar with for ages: body hair shame.

Part of me wants to do a better analysis of it... the other part of me wants to close the browser and never go to that site ever again.


While that commerical IS pretty funny, I definetly have to agree that it is not a good step for men as a whole. I find it interesting that "grooming" has gone from being totally emasculatory to slowly weaseling its way into acceptability. I can't say I am particularly surprised actually, with the amount of money being made of making women feel inadequate and disgusting, it was really only a matter of time before they made a go for the other half of the market.