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I took the pledge, and I urge everyone on my here to do so as well.


Because porn is disgusting and no Christian or feminist should touch it.
I know plenty of feminists who enjoy porn. Sure, a lot of the mainstream stuff is very anti-women (of course, so is most of the rest of mainstream entertainment), but that doesn't mean there's anything fundamentally wrong with porn as a concept. People are sexual beings, and porn at its best can be a way to express that. Actually, there's a whole mini-industry these days of feminist porn.

Whether or not you can reconcile porn with Christianity is a whole separate question, obviously, but not one I'm personally concerned with.

What is it you find disgusting?
The thing that's fundamentally wrong with #### as a concept is that it involves women selling themselves for men's pelasure. No matter how much the 'actresses'- actually prostitutes - appear to be enjoying their 'work', they aren't!
(sorry for the lateness of this reply- I've been out of town)

I think you're oversimplifying more than a little bit. First of all, you're ignoring my previous response and talking about mainstream porn as if it's the only sort of porn that exists. There is porn made by women, for example. There are also a great many women who enjoy porn. So no, not all porn involves "women selling themselves for men's pleasure."

(by the way, both of my above links lead to relevent text, and neither of them lead to porn- just in case you were afraid to click)
(further apologies for splitting this reply in two- my browser's being funky)

While I certainly sympathize with the stripper whose story you link to, she can really only speak for herself- her experiences are not automatically the same as those of all other women in the sex industry.

Beyond that, for you to dismiss adult entertainers as "prostitutes" and to claim to have a better understanding of what they enjoy than they do is not at all feminist. In fact, it's kind of the opposite.
Boy, you're slow. Actually, I said my peace on the subject in my own blog. The discussion's over.
Yeah, after looking at your blog, I see how incapable you are of having a rational discussion on this subject. So never mind.

You call yourself a progressive and a feminist, but you sound like just another anti-sex Christian most of the time.

See my journal.